In the flesh — A short story

Janet looked through the window of the subway car and thought to herself, why it even existed? The only thing she could see through it were the distorted shapes of normal(?) people going by with their day-by-day lives. ”Was it made so the lonely-looking passengers wouldn’t get claustrophobic? But even claustrophobia is just an illusion, a side effect of being afraid of never returning to our little bubble and our little grey lives, right?” she said to herself. She nodded to herself in reassurance. Interactions with herself like this are what made her day-by-day bearable. She thought the only person she didn’t hate, was herself, but in reality, she knew that was a lie. The relationship between her and herself was more of a symbiosis than a relationship – she needed herself to survive, if she even wanted to, of course. Did she?
As the subway car slowed to a stop and the distorted humanoid shapes came into reality, she saw him – Shane. Her heart started to race, her pupils widened, but her vision had become distorted. She could only focus on him and everything else had become a void of darkness. She wanted to escape, but the only way she could move was forward. She felt trapped like a little deer waiting to be executed and torn apart by the huntsman. She felt as if she could puke her guts out, actually, she somewhat wanted to do that, because that would be a simple solution to her problem – death.
She had become claustrophobic, she managed to realize in the chaos, and the only thing she could do now was to move forward, towards him, towards the grey light of London coming through the doorway, obscured by the shape of his body.
In the moment, she had found it funny, the way his lips went from one side of his face to the other to form a smug smile. The man that had caused her so much pain was now smiling at her like he had just seen a unicorn galloping on a rainbow.
After what had felt like an eternity she finally made a step forward, but she had forgotten to hold onto the rail when stepping off the subway car and slipped. Thankfully, she had managed to regain her balance and avoided further embarrassment. She was ashamed. She felt like all eyes were on her. There came that claustrophobic feeling again. But it swiftly went away as Shane approached her. ”Be careful, darling, we wouldn’t want to lose that pretty face of yours, would we now?” he said, still bearing that smug smile. As he spoke, every part of Janet shook. She hated him to the bottom of her heart and that hate wanted to convert to anger, but she couldn’t let herself become emotional at a public place, that isn’t the lady’s way.
She tried to avoid him, tried to escape. But he grabbed her by her arm and it hurt like hell. It was hard, but she had managed to escape his deadly grip. She started to pace towards the door. ”C’mon sweetheart, let’s have a little chat over some tea.” she heard him say as he was catching up to her. She started to run. The cold London air hit her. In a panic, she ran to the nearest corner she saw. She felt as if she were running at the speed of sound. As if nothing could stop her. She took two left turns and wound up in a blind alley. She stopped with a sigh of relief, took a couple of breaths and closed her eyes to relax. For the first time in a while, she felt powerful. She had outrun her demon and there was nothing that could stop her. ”I guess escape is an option after all.” She said to herself.

BAM! She felt a cold wave pass through her body and she fell onto her back. She saw Shane standing upon her still bearing his smug smile. She was looking at the grey London sky as she felt blood trickle down her scalp. His lips were moving but she couldn’t hear what he was saying. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw an aeroplane in the sky and wondered where it was headed to? What was going to happen to the passengers?
And then there was darkness.



Note: The opinions that one might find in this text do not fully represent my beliefs, they’re in there just to set the mood and for character development, if one would call it that.

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